Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

America's Climate Solution

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
Powering America Forward to Clean Energy

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307) will help reduce America’s carbon pollution to net zero by 2050. It puts a fee on carbon pollution, creating a level playing field for clean energy. The money collected from fossil fuel companies goes to Americans in the form of a monthly 'carbon cash back' payment so that everyone can afford the transition.

This policy will reduce America’s carbon pollution by 50% by 2030, putting us on track to reach net zero by 2050.

America leads the world with technology innovation. With this policy, the government sets the direction, and businesses respond in order to provide abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy. This clean energy innovation will drive us faster toward net zero carbon pollution.

This policy will improve health and save 4.5 million American lives over the next 50 years by reducing pollution Americans breathe. Poor air quality is responsible for as many as 1 in 10 American deaths today, and sickens thousands more.

This policy is affordable for ordinary Americans because it puts money in your pocket. The money collected from the fee is given as a monthly dividend, or "carbon cash back" payment, to every American to spend with no restrictions. Most low-and-middle-income Americans will come out financially ahead or break even.

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People across the country support the Energy Innovation Act
People across the country are asking Congress to work together to solve climate change. Here are a few of their stories:


Jacob is a young Republican Congressional staffer in Washington DC who explains that Young Republicans care deeply about climate change.
Reggie grew up in the Navajo Nation with a strong connection to nature. He's protecting his own little corner of the earth for his family and the nature around him.
Sarah is an 8th grade physical science teacher and mom in Georgia, who helps her students understand climate change.
Morgan is a young, Conservative, Evangelical Christian woman from Texas whose faith compels her to solve climate change.
Soniyyah is a pastor, community organizer, environmentalist in Fort Smith, AR who does her work with love.
Mike is a former coal miner living in coal country, West Virginia and working towards a renewable energy future for his family.
Emily is a young Latina woman from Fresno, CA helping to solve climate change by talking about it in her community.
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