Support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
Don Cheadle
Howard Dean
Former Chair
Democratic National Committee
Jessie Diggins
2018 Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Cross Country Skier
Alan Johnson
City of St. Pete Beach, FL
David Kunhardt
City Council Member
Town Council of Corte Madera
Daylin Leach
State Senator
Solange Whitehead
City Council Member
City of Scottsdale, Arizona
Sami Al-AbdRabbuh
Vice Chair
Corvallis School Board
Francena Amparo
County Legislator
Dutchess County Government, NY
John Ashbaugh
Former City Council Member
San Luis Obispo, CA
Lowell Bailey
World Champion and four time Olympic Biathlete
Chris Balch
State Representative H-38
New Hampshire
Jackie Biskupski
Salt Lake City Mayor
Salt Lake City Corporation
Sadie Bjornsen
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier
John Bonitz
Town Commissioner
Town of Pittsboro, MA
Rosie Brennan
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier
Peter Breu
NH Nordic Coaches Association
Deborah Bronstein
Rabbi Emerita
Congregation Har HaShem
Angel Collinson
Professional Big Mountain Skier
James A Crandall
Bayfield County Board of Supervisors, District 12
Rebecca Edwards
County Legislator, District 6
Dutchess County Government, NY
Scott Fox
Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
Bill Glassmire
City Council Member
City of Corvallis, OR
Aaron Gomez
City Council Member
San Luis Obispo, CA
Jeremy Gragert
City Council Member
City of Eau Claire, WI
Pat Hinderscheid
Chair, Mendota Heights Parks and Recreation Commission
Art Hobson
Physicist & Author
Alex Honnold
Professional Climber & Founder
Honnold Foundation
Tim Johansen
Temple Lutheran Church
Andrew Johnson
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier
Lioneld Jordan
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Mitch Kennedy
Managing Member
Design with Nature, LLC
Julia Kern
U.S. Cross Country Skier
U.S. Ski Team
Jonathan Kligler
Woodstock Jewish Congregation
Danny Kuzio
Managing Editor
Cross Country Skier Magazine
Terry LePage
Christian Pastor
Adam Martin
Elite Cross Country Skier
Jan Marx
Former Mayor
San Luis Obispo, CA
Cliff Mass
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
Monica Mayotte
City Council Member
City of Boca Raton, FL
Robert McKeon
Town of Red Hook, NY
Peggy McQuaid
City of Albany, CA
Twila Moon
Co-Founder, Wheelhouse Institute
National Snow & Ice Data Center
Donald Mosier
Board Member & Facilitator
Climate Action Campaign
Kristofer Munn
County Legislator, District 20
Dutchess County Government, NY
Steven Nass
1st Vice Chair
Jefferson County Board of Supervisors
Andrew Newell
U.S. Olympic and World Cup Skier
Nick Page
County Legislator, District 18
Dutchess County Government, NY
Jonathan Patz, MD
Prof. & Director, Global Health Inst.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
John Perkins
Author, former Chief Economist
Kenneth Phifer
Minister Emeritus
First Unitarian Universalist
Kikkan Randall
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier
Martha Robertson
Tompkins County Legislature
Katie Rosenberg
Marathon County Board Supervisor
Marathon County, Wisconsin
Constantine Sarantidis
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Ida Sargent
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier
August Schumacher
U.S. Cross Country Skier
US Ski Team
Claire Smallwood
Executive Director
Keaton Smith
School Board Member
Fayetteville Public Schools
Lauren Smith
South Church Unitarian Universalist
Tim Soley
East Brown Cow Management
Marjorie Stevens
Board Member
Climate Action Advisory Board
Fred Strand
Vice Chair
Bayfield County Board, District 8
Denise Tepler
State Representative
Biff Traber
City of Corvallis, OR
Andy Tveekrem
Brewmaster & Brewery Co-Founder
Market Garden Breweries
Joel Tyner
County Legislator, District 11
Dutchess County Government, NY
Peter Vordenberg
U.S. Olympic Cross Country Skier and Head Coach
Dan Weeks
Director & Co-owner
Revision Energy
Matthew Weldon
Electric Utility Commissioner
City of Austin, TX
Jonathan Wiesel
Nordic Group International
Dwight Worden
City Council Member
City of Del Mar, CA
22 Designs
Driggs, Idaho
Arapahoe Basin
Dillon, Colorado
Architectural Nexus, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen, Colorado
Berks Prosthodontics
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Bodin's Inc
Bayfield, Wisconsin
Dandelion Energy
New York, New York
New York, New York
Elements Coffee Roasters
Biddeford, Maine
Fred Thomas Resort
Birchwood, Wisconsin
Green Fire HVAC
Salt Lake City, Utah
Grounds for Change, Inc.
Poulsbo, Washington
Happy Hollow Creamery
Bayfield, Wisconsin
Lake County Veterinary Clinics
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Lighthouse Solar
Austin, Texas
Madeline Island Ferry
La Pointe, Wisconsin
Marpan Recycling
Tallahassee, Florida
Maxwell Vehicles
Seattle, Washington
Momentum Recycling
Salt Lake City, Utah
Neighborhood Sun
Silver Spring, Maryland
Network NoVA
Falls Church, Virginia
New Frameworks
Burlington, Vermont
Quantum Financial Planning
Grayslake, Illinois
Solar Energy Assoc of Maine
Brunswick, Maine
Solitude Mountain Ski Area
Solitude, Utah
Stone’s Throw
Bayfield, Wisconsin
Tandem Coffee Roasters
Portland, Maine
The Spinnaker Group
West Palm Beach , Florida
Trem|Wel Energy, LLC
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Faith Groups
Aytzim: Ecological Judaism
New York, New York
Caretakers of God’s Creation
Pittsboro, North Carolina
Franciscans For Justice
Sacramento, California
Green Sanctuary, Birmingham Unitarian Church
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Marquette, Michigan
Saint Paul's UMC Creation Care Ministry
Tallahassee, Florida
Second Unitarian Church
Chicago, Illinois
Social Justice Committee of the First Parish UU Church of Kennebunk
Kennebunk, Maine
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Local Governments & Tribes
Corvallis City Council
Corvallis, Oregon
News Media
Mercury Press International
Santa Barbara, California
Abita Committee for Energy Sustainability
Abita Springs, Louisiana
Applied Ecology for Tropical Resources
Washington, District Of Columbia
Bridger Bowl Ski Area
Bozeman, Montana
Carbon Innovations
Bellevue, Washington
Carbon Washington
Seattle, Washington
Climate Caretakers
Houghton, New York
Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship
Oakton, Virginia
Guerneville, California
Elders Action Network
Truckee, California
Environmental Defenders of McHenry County
Woodstock, Illinois
Forest Unlimited
Forestville, California
Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
San Jose, California
Natural Builders Guild
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Our Climate
Seattle, Washington
Polar Bears International
Bozeman, Montana
Red Hook Area Chamber of Commerce
Red Hook, New York
The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N.
The Woodlands , Texas
James Hansen
"Unbelievable. With 100,000 supporters across the country, we now have a climate bill that serves the people by cutting carbon emissions and putting money in people's pockets. Climate change is incredibly urgent and serious, as I warned Congress when I first testified about global warming in 1988. This bill gives us the chance to fight it seriously and on a big scale. I encourage everyone to support the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act."
Climate Scientist, Former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Adjunct Professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
"The introduction of this bipartisan legislation is an important step. Virtually every serious economist who has considered the challenge of reducing emissions, from the right and left, agrees that setting a price on carbon is the most efficient solution. Indeed, the IPCC in its latest report said a carbon fee is one of the best tools we have to prevent catastrophic climate change. I hope that this bipartisan work in the House will prompt Republican colleagues here in the Senate to look at using the power of markets to solve this problem."
Sheldon Whitehouse - U.S. Senator (D-RI)
Joseph Majkut
"Climate change is one of society’s most pressing challenges and an ambitious carbon price is one of the best things we could do to tackle it. A fee-and-dividend model shows that climate solutions do not have to grow the government or lead to unnecessary costs for households. We applaud the sponsors of this bill, who have shown us that when legislators work together, ambitious climate solutions can attract bipartisan support."
Joseph Majkut - Director of Climate Policy, Niskanen
Adele Morris
"This bill is a landmark achievement for Congress, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and potentially the planet. Along with other recent legislation sponsored by Republicans, it furthers a bipartisan discussion on the solutions to climate change, leaving in its dust the impenetrable Congressional impasse holding back progress. This bill should put productive action on carbon pricing firmly on both parties’ agendas."
Adele Morris - Senior Fellow and Policy Director for Climate and Energy Economics at the Brookings Institution
Bob Inglis
"We need members of Congress, especially Republicans, to tear up the old talking points.We're all experiencing climate change. And there's a new EcoRight ready to support free enterprise solutions. The old lines about 'I'm not a scientist,' and 'we don't know how much of it is human-caused' need to go in the trash can. And the new artful dodge about how we 'need innovation, not regulation' needs to be followed up with 'Yeah, and how do you get that innovation?' There's an answer in Milton Friedman's solution to pollution."
Bob Inglis - Former US Congressman (R-SC) and Executive Director of RepublicEn
"The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act adds to the growing chorus of support, on and off the Hill, for meaningful action to protect our country and the planet. This new legislation establishes strong pollution reduction goals and harnesses the power of the market, letting businesses choose for themselves how to cut pollution. The bill is also designed to drive investment and innovation in new, better, and faster ways to cut emissions. By acting quickly and boldly to limit carbon and other climate pollutants, we can reduce human vulnerability to increasingly dangerous climate impacts and safeguard the economy against escalating costs. "
Environmental Defense Fund
"We’re pleased to see members of both parties working together on a bill designed to curb dangerous climate change, and we are particularly thankful for renewed Republican leadership on this topic. Climate protection wasn’t always the partisan issue it has become. And it should not remain so going forward. Climate change threatens all Americans and is already causing real harm today in all parts of the country, red and blue. Given the threats we all face from climate change, we need political leadership from both sides of the aisle. We hope this bill marks the start of that process."
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
"The introduction of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act provides a clear proof of concept that a conservative-inspired carbon dividends framework can attract bipartisan support. It is no coincidence that the first bipartisan climate bill in nearly a decade is based on carbon dividends. A carbon dividends plan that returns all revenues to the American people is uniquely capable of appealing to all sides of the climate debate."
The Climate Leadership Council
"This is an ambitious, bipartisan proposal that will help kickstart an essential debate over America’s response to climate change – a debate made all the more urgent by the stark findings of the National Climate Assessment. We and many companies we work with believe strongly that a price on carbon is a critical element of any comprehensive effort to decarbonize the U.S. economy."
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions - C2ES
"The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is an exciting advancement of Congressional efforts to price carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gases. As the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report makes clear, carbon pricing is one of many important policy tools that will be necessary to at long last address climate change. We believe it is critical to ensure that low-income communities are not harmed and will come out ahead in climate legislation. We are pleased that analysis of the carbon fee and dividend has found that the financial benefits of the dividend model are concentrated mainly among low-income and other vulnerable individuals."
Friends Committee on National Legislation
"Climate change is having real and dire impacts on communities across the nation. From unprecedented megafires in California to super-charged hurricanes in places like Florida, North Carolina and the Northern Mariana Islands, the signs are overwhelming that Congress needs to embrace bold and bipartisan solutions. A carbon fee is an economically-sound, market-based idea worthy of Congress’s bipartisan consideration and action. We look forward to working with Reps. Deutch, Rooney and Fitzpatrick in the next Congress on proactive conservation legislation to address climate change and carbon emissions going forward."
National Wildlife Federation
"It’s clear that we must address the substantial and growing threats posed by climate change. A bill like this, which makes a firm commitment to placing a price on pollution and reducing the emissions that threaten our communities, our health and our planet, is a necessary component of any effective plan to address climate change. We’re pleased to see a bipartisan group of members of the House Climate Solutions Caucus continue to press this issue on Capitol Hill. We need durable, bipartisan action on climate change."
Nature Conservancy
"Y.E.C.A. welcomes this crucial addition to the national climate solution conversation. We have always believed that the only way to achieve durable policy solutions is to have as many stakeholders at the table offering as many solutions as possible. This bill is one of the most significant contributions to date toward that end. It is bipartisan, creating the conditions for expansive debate and broad support.The release of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act marks the possibility of a new day in America."
Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
"This is the kind of smart, bi-partisan proposal on climate change that we urgently need. WRI looks forward to working with members of Congress to accelerate the shift to a strong, low-carbon economy. We need leaders from local communities to the federal government to rise to this urgent challenge."
World Resources Institute
"This bill would put a price on climate change-causing carbon pollution, thereby reducing the incentive to burn fossil fuels, and refund the money that is earned to American taxpayers. Innovative ideas like this one are out there and they’re increasingly supported by both Republicans and Democrats, meaning that they could potentially pass into law and set us on the path to avoiding the worst of the impacts predicted in the NCA. We at Ocean Conservancy are so glad to see bipartisan innovation like this, and we are working to support more thoughtful proposals to find solutions for climate change and its impacts on the ocean."
Ocean Conservancy
"Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS) applauds the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018. This commonsense legislation will address climate change and promote economic growth at the same time. It is the kind of smart bi-partisan problem solving that is long overdue and that Congress needs to do more of. "
Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS)
"Conservation Hawks, a group of hunters and anglers working to defend America’s sporting heritage, recognizes the serious and potentially catastrophic threat we face from human-caused climate change. Because of the certitude of the science, Conservation Hawks supports every reasonable effort, including carbon fee & dividend legislation, to limit greenhouse gas emissions and protect our American way of life. Conservation Hawks considers human-caused climate change to be the number one threat to our hunting & fishing, as well as to our children and to a prosperous American future. "
Conservation Hawks
"The bill represents a long-awaited breakthrough for bipartisan action on climate change.Responding to climate change must transcend partisan politics. This legislation is evidence of the growing support on both sides of the aisle for carbon pricing as an effective and efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Business leaders across sectors have done the math and understand the economic imperative of climate action. An increasing number have raised a hand to say they are ‘still in’ on the Paris Agreement and have committed to reduce their own carbon footprint. Instituting a well-designed and meaningful price on carbon would provide the policy certainty needed to help leading companies meet their operational goals, among other things. And as a market-driven approach, a price on carbon such as the one included in this bill is the most efficient way to drive emissions reductions across the whole economy."
"We support Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividen Act and other carbon pricing proposals and will work with the Bill’s sponsors to ensure that pollution reductions are achieved while those of lower economic means are not adversely impacted. It’s time for bipartisan action to reduce carbon pollution. It’s time for America to assume once again its leadership in defending our children, and we are grateful for the courageous leadership of Representatives Deutch, Delaney, Rooney, Fitzpatrick and Crist."
Evangelical Environmental Network
"An economy-wide carbon price provides a strong market incentive for cost-effective emissions reductions. Our research also shows that dividends more than offset the cost of the carbon price for most households."
Resources for the Future
"[This bill] merits careful consideration as a huge and decisive step toward a healthier planet. It’s time for all elected leaders to rise to the occasion and act. If leaders don’t lead, our children and our grandchildren will be far worse off."
San Diego Tribune
"If [Senator Cory] Gardner wants to remain at least a viable candidate, he — along with every member of the state's congressional delegation — should get behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The bill, meant to reduce carbon pollution 40 percent in 10 years and 91 percent by 2050, was introduced this week by a bipartisan group of House members."
Boulder Daily Camera
"The act would establish a fee on carbon dioxide emissions that would be aimed at encouraging companies to reduce CO2 output over time. But the fee would not be gobbled up by the government; instead, it would be used to fund a monthly rebate paid out to American citizens, which would help most of them more than cover any increases in prices for petroleum products. A provision is in place for a carbon fee to be put on products imported from countries without their own reduction program in place, which will help protect American companies in the global marketplace."
Auburn Citizen
"The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act recently introduced in the U.S. House and backed by the Citizens' Climate Lobby is a reasonable and measured step toward that protection. The plan seeks to make cleaner fuels more economically competitive by imposing fees on fossil fuels. Consumers would receive the dividends from fees to protect them from rising energy prices."
Rapid City Journal
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