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A rare bipartisan proposal on climate change
“We have introduced a bipartisan carbon fee bill that we are confident will change behavior, will dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and will finally help to show that America is committed to being a leader on combating climate change.”
Rep. Ted Deutch on the immediate threat of climate change
“I come from South Florida where every business leader and local government official, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, understand the impact of climate change because we see sea level rise affecting our community and our economy already.”
How to cut U.S. carbon pollution by nearly 40 percent in 10 years
“The bill is ‘a very aggressive, climate-hawk version of a carbon tax,’ Noah Kaufman, an economist at Columbia University and an author of the study, told me.”
Bipartisan group of lawmakers propose landmark carbon tax
“The bill will likely be a major marker of where lawmakers from both parties can agree on tackling climate change.”
Lawmakers roll out landmark bipartisan carbon bill
There is no question the bill would be a serious attempt to combat climate change.”
Carbon bill makes first footprint
“Backers argue the effort will deliver major benefits: 2.1 million net new jobs by the 10th year; 13,000 avoided pollution-related U.S. deaths annually and a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions from 2015 levels by 2050.”
House lawmakers introduce first bipartisan carbon tax bill in a decade
“The new bill represents an increasing willingness from at least some Republicans to address global warming.”
Bipartisan legislation would put a price on carbon
“A bill introduced in Congress yesterday could help cut U.S. carbon pollution by 40% in 10 years.”
Coalition introduces 1st bipartisan climate bill in decade
“It’s not a partisan issue. This is an issue of just doing what’s right for the environment.”
Democrats and Republicans want to tax pollution – and give the money back to you
“A group of lawmakers on both sides see a politically palatable way to tax pollution: give the money collected from polluters back to every American in the form of a dividend.”
Three Florida congressmen among sponsors of new bill that would put a fee on carbon emissions
“[This bill] is the product of rigorous negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, liberal groups and conservative groups, environmentalists and business interests.”
No Plan B: Putting a price tag on carbon
“The push is on to find new ways to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and lawmakers are weighing a new bill. It’s H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019.”
Tackling Climate Change: The fate of a carbon tax in the U.S.
“The bill says it aims to reduce carbon pollution by 40% within 10 years, which would outstrip even the goals the Obama Administration had.”
Some Green New Deal supporters back carbon tax, too
“‘I’m for anything and everything that moves the ball forward,’ says Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal of California, who supports both the Green New Deal and a carbon tax.”

News Editorials

Our view: Farewell, August
“We can benefit, environmentally and economically, by changing the trajectory with a plan like the market-based, bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.”
Climate report means federal carbon bill should be approved
“The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act has earned our support. […] Passing and implementing this legislation will be no small task, but neither will be dealing with continually rising temperatures, sea levels and rates of natural disasters. We urge our readers — and leaders at all levels — to get involved in supporting this legislation.”
Get back to solving climate crisis now that pandemic is fading
“Despite a drop in carbon emissions from less travel during the pandemic, the disturbing trend of higher global temperatures continued last year. Now that the virus appears under control, the politicians and the public must renew their search for solutions. One of the most promising ideas is a revenue-neutral carbon fee with rebate checks.”
Press-Citizen editorial board endorses the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
“Passing this national legislation will be a big step toward accomplishing the goals of the Iowa City Climate Action Plan and to make a livable future for all Iowans.”
A carbon solution
“Putting that price on pollution will steer the country toward cleaner options, slashing emissions across many areas of our economy at once. A carbon tax becomes affordable for ordinary Americans when the money collected from fossil fuel companies is given as a dividend, or ‘carbon cash back’ payment, to every American to spend with no restrictions.”
Editorial: Medicine for climate change most can swallow
“For those who find climate change alarming — and even for those who do not but who would like some extra cash in their pocket — the bill is perhaps the first plan to attack harmful greenhouse gas emissions that both Republicans and Democrats find interesting.”
Editorial: A climate plan that deserves bipartisan support
“But climate change will come at a cost—with or without action. That’s especially so in Texas. And we see great bipartisan potential in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, or HR 763, which has been championed by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This piece of legislation relies on market forces to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and its fee-and-dividend structure would help to insulate Americans from rising carbon costs.”
Editorial: It’s time to consider a federal carbon tax — and to confront NIMBYism
“[This bill] merits careful consideration as a huge and decisive step toward a healthier planet. It’s time for all elected leaders to rise to the occasion and act. If leaders don’t lead, our children and our grandchildren will be far worse off.”
Editorial: All must take urgent action on climate change
“If [Senator Cory] Gardner wants to remain at least a viable candidate, he — along with every member of the state’s congressional delegation — should get behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The bill, meant to reduce carbon pollution 40 percent in 10 years and 91 percent by 2050, was introduced this week by a bipartisan group of House members.”
Our view: Time for Katko to act on climate change
“The act would establish a fee on carbon dioxide emissions that would be aimed at encouraging companies to reduce CO2 output over time. But the fee would not be gobbled up by the government; instead, it would be used to fund a monthly rebate paid out to American citizens, which would help most of them more than cover any increases in prices for petroleum products. A provision is in place for a carbon fee to be put on products imported from countries without their own reduction program in place, which will help protect American companies in the global marketplace.”
OURS: Climate assessment offers opportunity to gain an edge
“The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act recently introduced in the U.S. House and backed by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a reasonable and measured step toward that protection. The plan seeks to make cleaner fuels more economically competitive by imposing fees on fossil fuels. Consumers would receive the dividends from fees to protect them from rising energy prices.”
In Our View: Congress, lead on climate
“[Recent events] highlight the need for bipartisan leadership in dealing with climate change. Congress should fully consider the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.”
Editorial: Report adds to urgency on issue of climate change
“We need action. On the federal level, lawmakers should expedite action on the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act introduced in the House.”
Editorial: Amid the dark news on climate change, a spark of hope
“We can do something to slow the acceleration of carbon emissions, and keep the impact of climate change from growing increasingly worse. Deutch’s bipartisan bill is a good place to start.”
Editorial: The reality of climate change is seen with turbocharged weather events
“If we don’t act now, we’re nearing a point of no return when it comes to the environment, our health and our economy. We cannot be the generation to become a runaway train. We’ve got to put on the brakes, which the legislation will start to do.”
Carbon plan deserves support
“A bipartisan bill recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives has the potential to help the U.S. make significant strides on carbon emissions while also helping the economy.”
Our view: We endorse the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
“Americans mobilized the whole economy to win World War II and reaped a vibrant economy after the war. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will stimulate the market to meet the challenge of another historic emergency by creating a strong, healthy, clean energy economy.”
Climate bill rings a bell
“I believe carbon emitters should pay the fuller cost of their effect on the environment we all share. I like the projected increase in jobs, more money in people’s pockets, Democrats and Republicans working together to solve a real problem, a solution that would make an actual dent.”
Our Opinion: Try bipartisan route for climate change
We are pleased to see the Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocate for a bipartisan approach that could break through political paralysis in Washington, D.C. […] The tax and dividend plan will actually put more money in the pockets of most middle- and working-class people, as well as the poor. And that could be pivotal to gaining support.”
Washington alone can’t fix climate changes. National approach is needed
“The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is the most promising clean energy plan we’ve seen to date.”
Editorial: Like living here? Let’s show greater care for our environment
“Companies and commuters alike won’t invest in more sustainable technology until they are faced with the true cost of the status quo. Proposals like the carbon fee and dividend legislation pending in Congress, which would charge a fee to carbon producers and divide the revenue among all Americans, would provide that much-needed reckoning.”
Let’s make these holidays merry and bright — and also safe
“Nationally, we want our lawmakers in Washington to debate and consider the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and the Green New Deal. They are not perfect proposals, but they are serious attempts to start needed dialogue about our urgent climate crisis.”
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