Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in the News

Rep. Delaney: Climate change a ‘significant threat to prosperity and national security’

“Enduring things happen in this country when there is broad bipartisan support. Climate change deserves that level of support. Most Americans understand that this is a very significant issue. They want us to work together to solve it in a big way and that’s what this bill does.”

Lawmakers roll out landmark bipartisan carbon bill

There is no question the bill would be a serious attempt to combat climate change.”

Carbon bill makes first footprint

“Backers argue the effort will deliver major benefits: 2.1 million net new jobs by the 10th year; 13,000 avoided pollution-related U.S. deaths annually and a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions from 2015 levels by 2050.”

House lawmakers introduce first bipartisan carbon tax bill in a decade

“The new bill represents an increasing willingness from at least some Republicans to address global warming.”

Bipartisan legislation would put a price on carbon

“A bill introduced in Congress yesterday could help cut U.S. carbon pollution by 40% in 10 years.”

Coalition introduces 1st bipartisan climate bill in decade

“It’s not a partisan issue. This is an issue of just doing what’s right for the environment.”

Democrats and Republicans want to tax pollution – and give the money back to you.

“A group of lawmakers on both sides see a politically palatable way to tax pollution: give the money collected from polluters back to every American in the form of a dividend.”

Three Florida Congressmen Among Sponsors Of New Bill That Would Put A Fee On Carbon Emissions.

“[This bill] is the product of rigorous negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, liberal groups and conservative groups, environmentalists and business interests.”

Editorial: It’s time to consider a federal carbon tax — and to confront NIMBYism

“[This bill] merits careful consideration as a huge and decisive step toward a healthier planet. It’s time for all elected leaders to rise to the occasion and act. If leaders don’t lead, our children and our grandchildren will be far worse off.”

Editorial: All must take urgent action on climate change

“If [Senator Cory] Gardner wants to remain at least a viable candidate, he — along with every member of the state’s congressional delegation — should get behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The bill, meant to reduce carbon pollution 40 percent in 10 years and 91 percent by 2050, was introduced this week by a bipartisan group of House members.”

Our view: Time for Katko to act on climate change

“The act would establish a fee on carbon dioxide emissions that would be aimed at encouraging companies to reduce CO2 output over time. But the fee would not be gobbled up by the government; instead, it would be used to fund a monthly rebate paid out to American citizens, which would help most of them more than cover any increases in prices for petroleum products. A provision is in place for a carbon fee to be put on products imported from countries without their own reduction program in place, which will help protect American companies in the global marketplace.”

OURS: Climate assessment offers opportunity to gain an edge

“The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act recently introduced in the U.S. House and backed by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a reasonable and measured step toward that protection. The plan seeks to make cleaner fuels more economically competitive by imposing fees on fossil fuels. Consumers would receive the dividends from fees to protect them from rising energy prices.”

In Our View: Congress, Lead on Climate

“[Recent events] highlight the need for bipartisan leadership in dealing with climate change. Congress should fully consider the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.”

Editorial: Report adds to urgency on issue of climate change

“We need action. On the federal level, lawmakers should expedite action on the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act introduced in the House.”

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